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    If you are in search of outstanding investment performance, you are also in search of great ideas.

    At our fully online events, you will not only save time, money and the hassle involved in traveling to a physical venue, but you will also benefit from more timely insights and more differentiated ideas.

    We have partnered with The Manual of Ideas, the acclaimed investment monthly, as well as with tech leaders Cisco, Microsoft, and Google to bring you a series of live events dedicated to your success.

    Our renowned instructors look forward to meeting you at a ValueConferences event soon!

    Your ValueConferences Team

  • Conference Format

    Each conference is a two-day, fully online event. Attend sessions, meet the experts, and network with peers — from the comfort of your home or office.

    Day One: Wisdom
    The first day of each conference focuses on deepening your understanding of the conference topic. For example, Day One of the European Investing Congress looks at the status of the eurozone crisis, key implications for investors, and the process for finding great ideas.

    Day Two: Ideas
    The second day of each conference focuses exclusively on money-making investment ideas. Our instructors present long equity ideas that meet stringent fundamental investment criteria. Day Two will satisfy your desire to have the event you attend more than pay for itself. Enjoy and profit!

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Best Ideas 2013

January 8-9, 2013 — plus six months of continuing online access!

Dear Fellow Investor,

Ideas, ideas, ideas — that's what the Best Ideas 2013 fully online investment conference is all about!

Profit from the best equity ideas of 20+ expert instructors, successful investment managers who will deliver their best current equity ideas exclusively to you. Whether you're in search of small-caps or large-caps, U.S. or international equities, deep value ideas or great businesses at attractive prices, Best Ideas 2013 will satisfy your hunger for exceptional investment opportunities.

ValueConferences has partnered with The Manual of Ideas to bring you Best Ideas 2013, the Web's largest fully online investment conference.  More than twenty of the best global investors will come together to share their insights and ideas. You’ll enjoy six months of access to all sessions, so if you’re busy on January 8-9, no problem!

Your instructors at Best Ideas 2013 include Randall Abramson, President, CEO, and Portfolio Manager of Trapeze Asset Management, Arne Alsin, Lead Portfolio Manager of Alsin Capital Management, Tom Gayner, President and Chief Investment Officer of Markel Corporation, Robert Hagstrom, Chief Investment Strategist of Legg Mason Investment Counsel, Paul Lountzis, President of Lountzis Asset Management, Soo Chuen Tan, Managing Member of Discerene Value Advisors, and many more investors whose ideas will impress you. These fund managers are the thought leaders in their field — they do the hard analytical work required to gain an edge in today's competitive market.

If you’ve ever paid $2,000 or more for a physical conference — not to mention the hassle and expense involved in getting there — you will appreciate the incredible convenience and value-for-the-money of Best Ideas 2013. If you’ve shunned physical conferences, we invite you to experience a fully online event created with your desires in mind — to uncover money-making ideas and network with fellow investors from the comfort of your home or office.

When you register for Best Ideas 2013, you'll join a global community of ValueConferences attendees, which includes Artisan Partners, Baillie Gifford, Baupost, Bestinver, Chanticleer, Citigroup, Diamond Hill, GAM, Gardner Russo & Gardner, GMO, GoldenTree, International Value Advisers, Invesco, Knott Partners, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Raymond James, Rothschild, Ruane Cunniff, Schroders, Third Avenue, Thornburg, Tiger Global, Tweedy Browne, and many smaller funds, advisors, analysts, and individual investors.

Secure your seat now and get hours of exclusive content immediately upon registering! You will benefit from great investment ideas right away!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Warm regards,

John Mihaljevic, CFA, Managing Director, ValueConferences.com

Oliver Mihaljevic, Managing Director, ValueConferences.com

Last chance to secure your seat. Hurry, ticket sales end soon!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I'm busy on January 8th and 9th?

No problem! You'll enjoy six month of continuous online access to conference proceedings, including replays, presentations, transcripts, and more. Even if you miss the live event, you'll have an ability to send us your follow-up questions for the instructors months after the conclusion of the live event.

Do I need any special technology to attend?

No, all you need is a phone to dial into the live sessions. If you have a computer, you don't even need a phone! Attend entirely online without ever dialing a phone number or leaving your home or office. If you're on the road or on vacation, you can even attend via your iPad or iPhone.

Do the sessions feature live Q&A?

All 10+ live sessions will feature extensive Q&A, which will enable you to pose questions directly to instructors like Tom Gayner and Robert Hagstrom.

Since we can't fit many more than ten live sessions into the two-day event, we will be recording the remaining sessions in the days leading up to the live conference. Those recorded sessions will be available for your on-demand enjoyment in the Main Conference Area. You'll have an ability to ask questions even of instructors whose presentations we will pre-record.

Why is this event so much cheaper than alternatives?

Since this is a fully online event, we don't incur expenses related to a physical venue. We pass those savings to you. It's that simple! You save on the ticket price and the cost of getting there, while we avoid the administrative and financial burdens of a physical conference.

On the flipside, the fully online format allows you to enjoy access to conference proceedings for a period of six months following the live event. Listen to replays as many times as you wish and even download them to your computer or mobile device to keep forever. Ask questions and engage with fellow participants days, weeks, and even months after the live event. Our strategic partnerships with leading Internet companies allow us to leverage the latest in conferencing technology to add more value at significantly lower cost.

Should I attend?

You should attend if you are looking for exceptional investment ideas from some of the most highly regarded investment managers in the world, or if you want to learn from expert instructors eager to share their wisdom and insights, or if you want to meet some of the most successful investors in the business, or if you wish to be part of a global audience of investors who value rigorous security analysis and mutual learning.