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    If you are in search of outstanding investment performance, you are also in search of great ideas.

    At our fully online events, you will not only save time, money and the hassle involved in traveling to a physical venue, but you will also benefit from more timely insights and more differentiated ideas.

    We have partnered with The Manual of Ideas, the acclaimed investment monthly, as well as with tech leaders Cisco, Microsoft, and Google to bring you a series of live events dedicated to your success.

    Our renowned instructors look forward to meeting you at a ValueConferences event soon!

    Your ValueConferences Team

  • Conference Format

    Each conference is a two-day, fully online event. Attend sessions, meet the experts, and network with peers — from the comfort of your home or office.

    Day One: Wisdom
    The first day of each conference focuses on deepening your understanding of the conference topic. For example, Day One of the European Investing Congress looks at the status of the eurozone crisis, key implications for investors, and the process for finding great ideas.

    Day Two: Ideas
    The second day of each conference focuses exclusively on money-making investment ideas. Our instructors present long equity ideas that meet stringent fundamental investment criteria. Day Two will satisfy your desire to have the event you attend more than pay for itself. Enjoy and profit!

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Dah Hui Lau (David) — Your Instructor at Best Ideas 2013

Portfolio Manager, Seilern Investment Management

Dah Hui Lau is a Co-Portfolio Manager of Stryx World Growth Fund, which is a highly focused long-only quality-growth fund. Dr. Lau joined Seilern Investment Management in August 2009 as an analyst and was promoted to the Co-Portfolio Manager role in 2010. Prior to Seilern, Dr. Lau was a GP trainee at the North Western Deanery Scheme (Manchester Royal Infirmary and Royal Oldham Hospital) in the UK. He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Manchester in 2004.

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