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    If you are in search of outstanding investment performance, you are also in search of great ideas.

    At our fully online events, you will not only save time, money and the hassle involved in traveling to a physical venue, but you will also benefit from more timely insights and more differentiated ideas.

    We have partnered with The Manual of Ideas, the acclaimed investment monthly, as well as with tech leaders Cisco, Microsoft, and Google to bring you a series of live events dedicated to your success.

    Our renowned instructors look forward to meeting you at a ValueConferences event soon!

    Your ValueConferences Team

  • Conference Format

    Each conference is a two-day, fully online event. Attend sessions, meet the experts, and network with peers — from the comfort of your home or office.

    Day One: Wisdom
    The first day of each conference focuses on deepening your understanding of the conference topic. For example, Day One of the European Investing Congress looks at the status of the eurozone crisis, key implications for investors, and the process for finding great ideas.

    Day Two: Ideas
    The second day of each conference focuses exclusively on money-making investment ideas. Our instructors present long equity ideas that meet stringent fundamental investment criteria. Day Two will satisfy your desire to have the event you attend more than pay for itself. Enjoy and profit!

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Your Speakers and Instructors

When you attend a ValueConferences online investment conference, you will benefit from an all-star line-up of speakers and instructors. The following is a partial list of investors, executives and experts who have shared their wisdom with ValueConferences participants.

Many of these highly regarded individuals share their thoughts and ideas with our attendees again and again because they enjoy the global interaction available only at ValueConferences events.

European Investing Summit 2017, October 5-6, 2017

Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2017, June 27-28, 2016

Asian Investing Summit 2017, April 4-5, 2017

Best Ideas 2017, January 10-11, 2017

European Investing Summit 2016, October 4-5, 2016

Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2016, June 28-29, 2016

Asian Investing Summit 2016, April 5-6, 2016

Best Ideas 2016, January 12-13, 2016

European Investing Summit 2015, October 6-7, 2015

Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2015, July 7-8, 2015

Asian Investing Summit 2015, April 7-8, 2015

Best Ideas 2015, January 13-14, 2015

European Investing Summit 2014, November 4-5, 2014

Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2014, July 1-2, 2014

Asian Investing Summit 2014, April 8-9, 2014

  • Ali Akay, Chief Investment Officer, Carrhae Capital
  • Pope Brar, Managing Partner, Brar Investment Fund
  • James Choa, Managing Director, Valiant Ocean Capital
  • Sid Choraria, Managing Partner, Marwar
  • Jean-Marie Eveillard, Senior Vice President, First Eagle Investment Management
  • Ori Eyal, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Value Capital Management
  • Max Hu, Portfolio Manager, Tempus Capital
  • Koon Boon Kee, Managing Director, Bamboo Innovator Institute
  • Peter Kennan, Chief Investment Officer, Black Crane Capital
  • Joshua Kennedy, Managing Partner, Sonian Capital
  • Benjamin Koh, Founder and Portfolio Manager, Lighthouse Advisors
  • Chan Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Petra Capital Management
  • Sidd Mehta, Principal, Beaconsfield Investment Management
  • Roshan Padamadan, Fund Manager, Luminance Global Fund
  • Isaac Schwartz, Portfolio Manager, Robotti & Company
  • Caglar Somek, Global Portfolio Manager, Caravel Management
  • Seng Chong Yeo, Chief Investment Officer, Yeoman Capital Management
  • Albert Yong, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Petra Capital Management

Small-Cap Investing Summit 2014, February 11-12, 2014

Best Ideas 2014, January 7-8, 2014

Japan Investing Summit 2013, November 5-6, 2013

European Investing Summit 2013, October 8-9, 2013

Equity Income Summit 2013, August 6-7, 2013

Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2013, July 9-10, 2013

  • Amir Avitzur, President at Avitzur Asset Management
  • Ethan Berg, Chief Investment Officer at G4 Partnership
  • Rupal Bhansali, Chief Investment Officer - International Equities at Ariel Investments
  • Dowe Bynum, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager at Cook & Bynum Capital Management
  • Richard Cook, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager at Cook & Bynum Capital Management
  • Pat Dorsey, President at Sanibel Captiva Investment Advisers
  • Koon Boon Kee, Managing Director at Bamboo Innovator Institute
  • Vincent Lam, Chief Investment Officer at VL Asset Management
  • Paul Lountzis, President at Lountzis Asset Management
  • Matthias Riechert, Portfolio Manager at Polleit & Riechert Investment Management
  • David Rolfe, Chief Investment Officer at Wedgewood Partners
  • Dave Sather, President at Sather Financial Group
  • Jeffrey Stacey, Founding Partner at Stacey Muirhead Capital Management
  • Elliot Turner, Managing Director at RGA Investment Advisors
  • Timothy Vick, Senior Portfolio Manager at Sanibel Captiva Investment Advisers
  • Giles Warren, Head of Research at Seilern Investment Management
  • Donald Yacktman, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Yacktman Asset Management

Deep Value Summit 2013, May 7-8, 2013

Emerging Value Summit 2013, April 9-10, 2013

Small-Cap Investing Summit 2013, February 12-13, 2013

Best Ideas 2013, January 8-9, 2013

Japan Investing Summit 2012, November 7-8, 2012

European Investing Summit 2012, October 9-10, 2012