October 9-10, 2012, fully online
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The Eurocrisis has created peril and opportunity.

Find out how to navigate the crisis, protect your capital, and make money.

ValueConferences.com and The Manual of Ideas present the Web's largest fully online investment conference.

Dear Fellow Investor,

How can you protect your capital and profit from the crisis in Europe? What risks are real and what is just noise? Which great businesses are available at bargain-basement prices?

Could you benefit from expert insight and unique, money-making ideas?

ValueConferences.com has partnered with The Manual of Ideas to bring you European Investing Summit 2012 — an online conference for investors looking to gain new insights into the European crisis and profit from well-researched, differentiated investment ideas presented by more than 20 great instructors.

“Trouble is opportunity,” famed investor John Templeton opined a long time ago. We agree. But when there is as much trouble in a market as there is in Europe today, there are also plenty of traps for bargain-hunting investors. Our expert instructors will help you steer clear of doomed companies and discover those for whom the current crisis is an opportunity in disguise.

More than 20 of the world’s most successful investors will come together on October 9-10 to share their insights and ideas (see the great line-up on the right). You'll enjoy two weeks of access to all sessions, so if you're busy on October 9-10, no problem!

If you (like so many) think there could be opportunity in Europe, here is your chance to benefit from the insights of our expert instructors with decades of real-world investing experience.

What's more, if you've ever paid $2,000 or more for a physical conference — not to mention the hassle and expense involved in getting there — you will appreciate the incredible convenience and value-for-the-money of European Investing Summit 2012. If you've shunned physical conferences, we invite you to experience a fully online event created with your desires in mind — to uncover money-making ideas and network with fellow investors from the comfort of your home or office.

Consider this: Through the immediately accessible bonus features and the live event on October 9-10, we bring you exclusive insights from the world’s greatest investors, including Charles de Vaulx (International Value Advisers), Jean-Marie Eveillard (First Eagle), Francisco Garcia Parames and Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos (Bestinver), Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital Management), Tom Russo (Gardner, Russo & Gardner), Guy Spier (Aquamarine Capital), Amit Wadhwaney (Third Avenue Funds), and many more! Indeed, we are convinced you'll find some of the less well-known but exceptionally gifted fund managers who will also present at European Investing Summit to have truly compelling and differentiated ideas.

Keep reading to find out more about this conference and the many ways you can benefit from it. And be sure to check out the free resources available exclusively on this page.

Here's to your investment success!

John Mihaljevic, CFA, Managing Director, ValueConferences.com

Oliver Mihaljevic, Managing Director, ValueConferences.com

P.S. It's no secret that crises have historically presented the most fertile ground for making winning long-term investments. While some fearful investors are fleeing European equities, the smartest fund managers are moving in to pick up the bargains. To paraphrase Baron Rothschild and Warren Buffett, the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets, or be greedy when others are fearful.

P.P.S. No need to do it all alone. As soon as you secure your spot at European Investing Summit 2012, you will join a welcoming community of like-minded investors. And because the conference takes place online, you'll gain access to a truly global network you can tap into long after the conclusion of the event.

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Preview one of your registration bonuses, an exclusive 75-minute interview with Thomas Russo, Partner, Gardner Russo & Gardner:

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WHO: This event is ideal for any investment analyst, portfolio managercapital provider, financial advisor, or individual investor who desires a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities brought on by the crisis in Europe. If you seek to protect your capital, grow your capital, or advise your clients on how to navigate the treacherous European equity markets, then this conference is for you. Even if your focus is outside of Europe, you may be looking for a select few compelling investment ideas in Europe, or you may simply be looking to understand the spillover implications of the European crisis on companies you own in North America, Latin America, or Asia.

WHAT: This fully online summit will help you better understand what’s going on in Europe, where to focus your investment search, and which stocks offer the most favorable risk-reward opportunities. Highly regarded fund managers will lead practical sessions on their approaches to making money in Europe, including detailed investment theses on their most compelling stock ideas. Presentation topics include: investing conservatively in the face of uncertainty; what has worked in Europe, what hasn't, and what is likely to work going forward; why the European crisis matters to investors worldwide; how to find the best investment ideas across the European landscape; what investors can do to preserve purchasing power while outperforming the indices; which perceived risks are merely "noise" and which are real; what tools can help investors find and evaluate bargains in Europe; how the crisis is affecting the fundamentals of companies across industries and countries in very different ways; and much more! You will hear from more than 20 instructors and benefit from more than 10 timely ideas across the market capitalization spectrum.

WHERE: At YOUR office or home! You attend this live event on your computer or iPad (skip airport security lines).

WHEN: October 9-10, 2012 (plus two weeks of continued access to accommodate your schedule). You’ll also get recordings of all sessions. Even transcripts and additional materials are included for some of the presentations.

WHY: You’ll get 10+ timely, actionable investment ideas from the world’s top investors with particular expertise in Europe. Plus, you’ll get to ask live questions during the keynote presentations and have many opportunities to network online with presenters and other conference participants.

HOW: Registration is limited. Scroll down for the event costs. Click here to secure your spot.



Secure your spot in the largest online European investment conference for investors seeking to protect capital and find money-making ideas. By attending this online summit, you will:

  • Hear firsthand about the best investment ideas in Europe (presented by the some of the smartest fund managers with deep expertise in European markets)
  • Network with fellow investors — you'll be impressed by the type of interaction that is possible at European Investing Summit! Network with other participants as well as the speakers. Want to meet an instructor? No problem! We're happy to facilitate personal introductions so you can establish one-on-one relationships with the experts. (we also organize offline discussion evenings in select cities around the world so you can talk about the ideas presented and meet your peers)
  • Learn why — and where — the current crisis has created money-making opportunities (in-depth case studies and investment analyses will empower you to take advantage of fearful markets)
  • Understand the course of the crisis and the implications for investors around the world (learn how expert investors are positioning their portfolios to manage risk and maximize the upside)
  • Discover how the economic hardships are affecting the fundamentals of European companies (find out which companies are taking advantage of their competitors' misfortune and positioning themselves for long-term outperformance)
  • Get practical tools on how to search for and evaluate European equity ideas (learn about the processes and tools top investors use to generate winning ideas)
  • Find out what has worked in European investing, and what hasn’t (benefit from decades of investing experience of expert instructors who have successfully navigated past crises and are making money now)
  • Gain access to highly successful investors, CEOs, and other experts  (interact through live Q&A, online forums, and other networking options)
  • Ask live questions and get direct answers (you'll enjoy a unique opportunity to have the keynote presenters answer your specific questions and concerns)
  • Get 100+ page conference issue of The Manual of Ideas ($100 value is yours free at European Investing Summit 2012 — report to include essential stock screens, analysis of 20 companies, and investment case for Top Three stock picks)
  • Skip airport security lines (you attend on the Internet through live or recorded sessions — presentations and transcripts are included for many sessions — plus, you'll retain flexible online access for two weeks after the event)
  • And much more!

Great insights and ideas await, so register today!

Plus get exclusive FREE bonuses immediately upon registering.

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“Attend” Any or ALL of the Following Sessions

At physical conferences, sessions are often held at the same time and to a rigid schedule, so it’s often impossible to attend them all.

Not at this summit.

When you register, you’ll be able to take advantage of EVERY session. Even better, if you miss a live session, we’ll provide you a recording (and typically a transcript) for FREE.

Review the following confirmed instructors. But remember, you don’t have to choose. You get them all!


DAY 1: Focus on WISDOM — What You Need to Know about the Situation in Europe and the Search for Winning Ideas


EVENT KEYNOTE: Investing in Europe in the Face of Crisis and Uncertainty

INSTRUCTOR: Guy Spier, Managing Partner, Aquamarine Capital

Guy Spier will frame the eurocrisis in historical perspective, provide a sense of how investors have reacted to past crises and uncertainties, what actions have led to poor or superior investment results, and address behavioral biases that lead investors to follow the herd during situations of uncertainty and crisis. You’ll end up with an appreciation of the context for the ongoing crisis and the pitfalls to avoid in order to help you maintain perspective and a long-term orientation. Guy will also elaborate on the views expressed in the recent Times of London editorial he co-authored with Mohnish Pabrai, entitled "The Motown way to get Greece motoring." Finally, Guy will reveal which European investment opportunities he finds most compelling today.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 8:30am Eastern Standard Time


EVENT KEYNOTE: What Has Worked in Europe, What Hasn’t – Decades of Investing Insight

INSTRUCTOR: Charles de Vaulx, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, International Value Advisers

In this keynote address, Charles will share his time-tested investment approach, explain the processes that have enabled him to successfully navigate past crises, provide guidance on how investors can avoid the pitfalls of the eurocrisis and position their portfolios to preserve and grow purchasing power over time. You’ll benefit from exclusive insights by one of the greats in the investment business and have the ability to ask live questions of this legendary global investor.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 10:00am Eastern Standard Time


Investing For the Long Run: Navigating Global Crises in a Low Risk Way

INSTRUCTOR: John Gilbert, Chief Investment Officer, General Re–NEAM

For long-term investors, the European crisis is just another in a string of crises throughout history. While the European crisis presents its own set of challenges, the resulting craze for so-called safe assets - be it government bonds of the major economies or high-flying "blue-chip" equities - is an unlikely solution for investors mindful to preserve purchasing power over time. In this session, John Gilbert highlights what really matters for long-term investors, how to avoid getting blind-sided by unintended consequences, and which investment strategies prudent stewards of capital should adopt in the current environment.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, time to be announced


The Eurocrisis Demystified: What Investors Need to Know to Avoid Disaster and Make Money

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Founder, IFVE Institut für Vermögensentwicklung

Tired of listening to the pundits of the day outsmarting each other on the Eurocrisis? Join Prof. Max Otte, who foretold the Eurocrisis, as he tells you what's really behind Europe's woes, what's at stake in different scenarios, and how investors should position their portfolios to preserve their capital, and grow it over time. In this session, you'll benefit not just from a much needed common sense approach to understanding the crisis, but also from Prof. Otte's shrewd stock-picking skills as he exclusively reveals his favorite equity ideas across Europe.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, time to be announced


Searching for the Ideal Opportunity – What to Seek Out, What to Avoid in European Equities

INSTRUCTOR: Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Bestinver

Are you wondering what are the characteristics of the “ideal” stock in the current environment? Álvaro will let you in on Bestinver’s proven investment approach and how to apply it to identify the best opportunities for the long term among European equities. While the underlying principles of Bestinver’s approach have not changed as a result of the eurocrisis, Álvaro will show you what merits particular attention in the current environment, with a view to avoid catastrophes and benefit from the dislocations across Europe.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 11:30am Eastern Standard Time


Russia: Klondike or Eldorado?

INSTRUCTOR: Jochen Wermuth, CIO and Managing Partner, Wermuth Asset Management

Foreign investors have struggled with Russia for a long time. Corruption, disregard for minority investors, and a dependence on the commodity cycle are some of the key concerns. While most long-term investors tend to dismiss Russia outright as a result, this lack of interest may have just created the classic contrarian opportunity. In this session, Jochen addresses common misconceptions about Russia, explains some of the inefficiencies that are peculiar to the market, and shows how investors can take advantage of these inefficiencies to reduce risk and generate strong returns in this neglected part of Europe.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time


A Bottom-Up View of European Company Credit Risks

INSTRUCTOR: Jerome Flum, Chairman, CEO and President, CreditRiskMonitor.com

How is the eurocrisis affecting European company fundamentals? Get an inside view without the need to become a full-time corporate credit professional! In this session, Jerry will provide an exclusive view into what he is seeing at European businesses in terms of their credit metrics and other fundamentals, highlight red flags investors should be on the lookout for, and what implications this has for investors. You’ll benefit from real world case studies of company balance sheets, cash flows, and other relevant data.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time


Holding Companies: Fertile Hunting Grounds for the Discerning Investor

INSTRUCTOR: Amit Wadhwaney, Portfolio Manager, Third Avenue Management

Are you wondering why there are so many holding companies in Europe? Why do holding companies exist to begin with? Which ones represent the best investment opportunities? In this session, Amit shares his distinct approach to investing in holding companies, going well beyond traditional mechanical approaches to identify the key success ingredients in this fertile, yet often treacherous, area for investors. Drawing from past case studies, and potential opportunities arising from the eurocrisis, Amit will leave you with a clear and proven framework for identifying and analyzing holding companies in Europe and beyond.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time


Why the Eurocrisis Matters – Causes and Effects of the Crisis, Implications for Investors

INSTRUCTOR: Thorsten Polleit, Chief Economist, Degussa Goldhandel

Tired of mainstream media’s superficial, and often misleading, description and analysis of the crisis in Europe? Join Thorsten, the Honorary Professor for economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and an Adjunct Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, as he explains what’s really at stake in the eurocrisis. Thorsten will cut through the noise to focus on facts that investors should really care about. You’ll benefit from a variant view of the crisis, helping you complement your bottom-up investing skills with a world view that should aid in avoiding catastrophes and improving your portfolio management process.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 9:00am Eastern Standard Time


What Can Owners of Wealth Do to Preserve Purchasing Power – Wealth Protection During Economic Crises

INSTRUCTOR: Peter Wüthrich, Partner, Wüthrich, Henz & Co.

Only an estimated 30% of family fortunes survive the second generation, and just 20% of those make it through the third generation. One of the key reasons for this dramatic wealth deterioration is lack of advice targeted to the needs and goals of owners of large wealth. Mainstream wealth management advice focuses on the large segment of smaller, high-margin clients with shorter investment horizons. Application of the same advisory principles to the owners of large wealth results in a lack of breath, depth and long-term investment planning. As a result, owners of large wealth often take unnecessary risks which often lead to permanent loss of capital during economic crises. Join Peter as he provides an overview of the challenges and proposes solutions.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 10:00am EST


Value Ideas - A Practical Guide on How to Find Undervalued European Equities

INSTRUCTOR: Christian Kahler, Chief Equity Strategist, DZ BANK

If you feel overwhelmed in your search for the best European equity ideas, join Christian as he walks you through his favorite idea generation methodologies, shares the screening results for different European countries based on several value-based criteria, and highlights investment candidates worth your further consideration. As a special feature, you’ll also benefit as Christian reveals his proprietary selection methodology to identify Germany’s “marathon AGs” – great businesses trading at attractive prices.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time


Forget the Economy – Focus on the Business!

INSTRUCTOR: Asif Jeevanjee, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Join Asif and learn how focusing on “micro” over “macro” has historically been a recipe for investment success as many great companies of today were created during recessions past. In this session, Asif provides three different examples of European companies from his coverage universe that stand a good chance of not only surviving the eurocrisis but taking advantage of the dislocations to become even stronger competitors and deliver superior returns to long-term shareholders.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time


Finding Value in Italy – An Overview of Opportunistic Ideas and Long-Term Compounders

INSTRUCTOR: Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini, CEO, Cattolica Partecipazioni

Ciccio will take you on a tour through his favorite Italian investments, distinguishing between opportunistic ideas and compounding machines for the long-term. While both can represent compelling risk-rewards for investors, especially as a result of dislocations in the Italian market, they require a skilled assessment of the key issues relevant to each situation in order to optimize risk/reward. You’ll benefit from Ciccio’s intimate knowledge of the Italian market and his methodical, value-based approach.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time


Looking for (and Finding!) Bargains in Greece

INSTRUCTOR: Robert Leitz, Founder and Portfolio Manager, iolite Partners

Interested in searching through the rubble of the Greek stock market, but don’t know where to start? No problem. In this session, Robert Leitz explains his screening process in Greece and what things to look out for when analyzing companies in this market. He also digs deeper into 3-5 examples of Greek-listed equities to illustrate what pitfalls to avoid and which opportunities to focus on. While not all the examples may represent an attractive investment opportunity, the true value of this session is in learning about the right investment process, which can then be applied not just to Greece but to other European markets and beyond.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 9, 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time


DAY 2: Focus on IDEAS — A Day Packed with In-depth Presentations on the Most Compelling Equity Ideas in Europe


Note: All of the following instructors will present a detailed investment case for their best idea in Europe. The following idea briefs are subject to change, as every presenter will discuss the most compelling and most timely idea at the time of the event.


In-depth Idea Presentation: World Market Leader in High-Growth Industry at ~5x Normalized EBIT

INSTRUCTOR: Florian Schuhbauer, Partner, Triton Partners

This German public company grew revenue by 12% per year over the last 10 years. Industry benefits from several long-term global mega trends. Due to one off events and weak management, a targeted restructuring of the company could double the EBIT without any future growth.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 8:30am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Favorite Idea in “Peripheral Europe”

INSTRUCTOR: Frank Fischer, CIO, Shareholder Value Management

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 11:30am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Favorite European Investment Idea

INSTRUCTOR: Dominic Fisher, Director, Thistledown Investment Management

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, time to be announced


In-depth Idea Presentation: Favorite Russian Idea

INSTRUCTOR: Sergey Ezimov, Portfolio Advisor, Go East For Value Fund, Wermuth Asset Management

Are you intrigued by how cheap Russian equities are, but don't know which ones may actually be good investments? In this session, Sergey Ezimov goes beyond the crowded investment "themes" (e.g. playing on the strength of the Russian consumer) to share his insights on an out-of-favor company in a sector of the Russian economy that has been neglected by investors for years. Favorable structural and regulatory developments of late, however, have created an intriguing opportunity to buy this company at a significant discount to net asset value and a low, single digit multiple of earnings.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Finding Bargains in Peripheral Europe

INSTRUCTOR: Soo Chuen Tan, Managing Member, Discerene Value Advisors

Sifting through the rubble of "peripheral" Europe, global value investor Soo Chuen Tan discusses his process for uncovering potentially asymmetric risk-reward investments in Greece, with significant margins of safety even in the case of a Greek exit from the Eurozone.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: A European Balance Sheet Bargain

INSTRUCTOR: Jeroen Bos, Investment Director, Church House Investments

UK-based investor Jeroen Bos will provide the investment case for his most compelling deep value idea. While "net-nets" and other balance sheet bargains are exceedingly rare to find on European exchanges, and often represent traps for investors, Jeroen has successfully navigated this space for decades. You will not only find out about Jeroen's most compelling idea, but you will also learn firsthand from one of the best practitioners of this craft what pitfalls to avoid in your search for balance sheet bargains.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 8:00am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Compelling “Wide-Moat” Opportunity in the U.K.

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Gladiš, Director, Vltava Fund

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 10:00am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: A Beneficiary of Reacceleration in UK Outsourcing (not reflected in the valuation)

INSTRUCTOR: Christian Diebitsch, Managing Director, Seilern Investment Management

Outsourcing allows organisations in the private sector to free up time which can better be allocated by management on core strategic issues; or in the public domain, where it often helps governments and other public authorities to increase productivity as well as undertake headcount-reductions. The UK is possibly the world’s most equity-dependent economy in the world and one of the country’s leading business process outsourcing groups is poised to reaccelerate imminently. The company has grown throughout the financial crisis, but the stock has been range-bound since late 2007.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, time to be announced


In-depth Idea Presentation: French Special Situation Bargain

INSTRUCTOR: David Poulet, Fund Manager, Amiral Gestion

Are you wondering if there are any bargains among financials in Europe? In this session, David will share his insights from extensive research into the French regional banks. The result is a special situation bargain, whose investment case is driven by company specific and structural factors, and is compelling irrespective of what may happen on the macro level. Join David as he shares his favorite special situation investment - a compelling idea you will struggle to hear about anywhere else.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: A European Spin-Off Bargain

INSTRUCTOR: Bill Mitchell, Managing Partner, Mitchell Partners

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 9:00am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: A Bayesian Bargain in the UK

INSTRUCTOR: Massimo Fuggetta, Portfolio Manager, Bayes Fund

Probability misjudgements by investors often offer investment opportunities and are arguably at the root of value investing. Massimo will show how he applies the principles behind the Bayes’ Theorem to make a compelling investment case for a UK-listed equity, where the market has made a significant probability misjudgement that can be exploited. While the session will focus on one investment idea, a better understanding of cognitive biases and key concepts in probability theory will enable you to use the Bayesian approach to identify similar investment opportunities as they arise in the future.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 11:00am Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Compelling “Wide-Moat” Opportunity in BeNeLux

INSTRUCTOR: Georg Krijgh, Owner, G.H. Krijgh Guardian Fund

While this company has “only“ 20% market share, it accounts for 50% of industry profits. Even as the market conditions are challenging, the business has grown sales in the first half of 2012 compared to declining industry sales, implying market share gains. The company, which has a strong balance sheet, is well managed by the founding family who owns a 30% equity stake and has grown EPS at an average of 10% per year since 2001. As the business is likely to continue to do well in the next decade, we expect an attractive return with minimal risk of a permanent loss of capital.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Favorite European Idea

INSTRUCTOR: Don Fitzgerald, Fund Manager, Tocqueville Finance

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Highly Cash Generative, Asset-light Monopolist Trading at 3x 2012 Normalized Earnings

INSTRUCTOR: Max Hu, Co-Founder, Swixina Investment

Due to a very pessimistic macroeconomic forecast and a lack of interest from institutional investors, the share price of this high quality business is at a very depressed level. The business requires little maintenance capex, pays significant dividends and has shown remarkable resilience in a recessionary environment. The company has been improving its profit margin and is now expanding into several new markets which have the potential to double its earnings on a 5+ year basis, even assuming no recovery of the economy. Strong catalysts are in sight within next three quarters.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In-depth Idea Presentation: Downside Well Protected by Balance Sheet; Strong Upside on Economic Improvement

INSTRUCTOR: Raphaël Moreau, Fund Manager, Amiral Gestion

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, October 10, 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

What a line-up! By the way, NONE of the sessions are off-the-shelf presentations that these experts have given a dozen times before. These are original experiences created specifically for this summit — containing insights, strategies and timely ideas you can use to become a better investor and make money in Europe.

And don't forget, you will enjoy two weeks of continuing access to all recordings and supporting materials following the conclusion of the live event. Throughout the conference as well as during the two weeks thereafter, you will have many opportunities to interact with the instructors and ask follow-up questions.

Great insights and ideas await, so register today!

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How this online conference works

How It Works

1. This is a live event, even though the conference takes place online.

At least ten instructors will be presenting their sessions live in real time, right on your computer screen. You can listen and watch their presentations, and speak directly to the experts, asking questions and getting instant answers. In addition to the live sessions, you will have access to valuable presentations recorded in the days leading up to the event. In such cases, the instructors will be available for discussion and networking in the online forums. Your direct access to all presenters will continue for two weeks following the live event.

When you register, you’ll be given access information that explains how you will attend the conference. When the date and time arrive, you simply pull up your web browser, go to the conference website, type in your log-in information and… you’re “there.”  It’s the virtual equivalent of walking into a room at a physical conference and sitting down!

2. You can interact live with the presenters.

That means you can actually speak with the great investors who will present live at the event.

During the conference sessions, you’ll hear and/or see the instructors (so be sure to turn on your computer speakers!).  The virtual room also offers interactive capabilities beyond what’s possible at live conferences.  You can download presentation slide decks to print out for note-taking.

Just like regular conferences, live sessions typically last an hour, and will offer an opportunity for live questions and answers.

We also provide access to an online networking forum where you can interact with presenters and fellow attendees. You get a recording of each session, typically also with a complete transcript!

Session recordings can be streamed online using your computer, iPad or iPhone.

3. Of course, networking is a big part of this event…

The online conference platform facilitates connections among conference attendees and instructors.

During the conference, you can network with other participants via our online networking forums — a place where you can get help and connect with peers.

Of course, the teams at ValueConferences.com and The Manual of Ideas are always happy to help facilitate connections among conference participants and will do our best to make sure your networking experience is successful. Want an introduction to a specific investor? Just ask!

4. Designed to fit your busy schedule!

This event was designed by investors for investors.  That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule.  While the live portion of the conference takes place on October 9-10, you will have two full weeks of online access to all event content — so no worries, you won’t miss anything.

You don’t have to stop working to attend (AND you can begin applying what you learn immediately).  Recordings (and typically also transcripts) of the sessions are provided for further study.

Each live session is available for playback at no added charge.

Is this event a good fit for you?

Is European Investing Summit 2012 a fit for you?

If you find yourself in one of the categories below, European Investing Summit 2012 is a fit for you:

  • Institutional Investor: You’re a portfolio manager or analyst looking for actionable insights and well-researched ideas presented by some of the smartest investors in the business. Then look no further. What's more, you will have excellent opportunities for discussion and networking with your peers.
  • Individual Investor: You manage your own money and want guidance on how the European crisis may be affecting your portfolio, and what you can do to profit from the opportunities available right now. Gain from interaction with your expert instructors at European Investment Summit 2012.
  • Financial Advisor/Consultant: You are looking for variant views, incisive analysis, and actionable ideas that will help your clients preserve and grow their purchasing power over time. Find out how to manage risk and grow wealth from your uniquely qualified instructors.

Ready to "trade up" to this fully online event? When you leave behind the limited speaker line-ups, limited access options, and limited flexibility of traditional investment conferences, you'll also be leaving behind exorbitant attendance fees and travel hassles. Instead, you'll experience the convenience, value, and differentiated ideas presented only at European Investing Summit 2012. This conferences is a fully online, global, live event that utilizes the latest in Internet, video conferencing, and collaboration technology to create a truly interactive experience.

Answers to commonly asked questions

I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?
Yes. For each session, we’ll provide a recording you can watch online, so you won’t miss a thing.  If you have other commitments or if a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry.  Even if you attend a live session, you’ll still get the recording.  You’ll retain access to all recordings and supporting materials for two weeks following the conference.

When are the session dates?
Here are the dates and times of each live session.  In addition to the live sessions, there will be ongoing broadcasts of valuable sessions recorded shortly prior to the live event, giving you more choice and more great investment ideas! If you can’t make a live session, you won’t miss a thing!  You automatically receive session recordings (and typically also complete, downloadable transcripts).

DAY 1 — October 9: Focus on WISDOM — What You Need to Know about the Situation in Europe and the Search for Winning Ideas

  • Tuesday, October 9 at 8:30am Eastern Standard Time
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Tuesday, October 9 at 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time

DAY 2 — October 10: Focus on IDEAS — A Day Packed with In-depth Presentations on the Most Compelling Equity Ideas in Europe

  • Wednesday, October 10 at 8:30am Eastern Standard Time
  • Wednesday, October 10 at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time
  • Wednesday, October 10 at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time
  • Wednesday, October 10 at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Wednesday, October 10 at 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time

PLUS more than 10 freshly recorded sessions, bonus content, and much more!

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At your home or office. As this is an online conference, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you’ll get the recordings, so if you miss a session, no problem.

Will there be transcripts?
Yes. We’ll provide full transcripts of most of the presentations. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation.

How long are the sessions?
Each live session has one hour allocated, including Q&A time. Sessions recorded in the days leading up to the summit may range from 30 minutes to more than one hour.

How can I ask questions during the summit?
Three ways. First, during the live presentations, you’ll be able to speak directly with the instructors during the live Q&A portion of each session. Second, you'll be able to post questions and get answers from instructors and peers in the online conference forums. Third, you'll have easy access to the event hosts and the research team of The Manual of Ideas, so you can ask additional questions or request personal introductions.

Can I purchase just a single session, or just the recordings?
You can attend any or all of the sessions (or catch the recordings if you miss any). However, a conference ticket is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet ticket — you get access to everything. If you want access to any of this great content, you must purchase your ticket before the completion of the summit. After the summit has ended, this exclusive content will no longer be available for sale and the recordings will only be available to summit attendees.

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Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Howard Marks, Chairman, Oaktree Capital Management

Howard Marks discusses his investment approach, reveals his secrets for becoming a better investor, and shares his views on Europe. Since the formation of Oaktree in 1995, Howard has been responsible for ensuring the firm's adherence to its core investment philosophy, communicating closely with clients concerning products and strategies, and managing the firm.

50-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video + transcript


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Jean-Marie Eveillard, Senior Investment Adviser, First Eagle Funds

Jean-Marie Eveillard provides expert insights into what is ailing the markets today and how investors can profit. Jean-Marie was named Morningstar's International Manager of the Year in 2001, and in 2003 received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Morningstar for building one of the most successful long-term records in the investment business.

81-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Thomas Russo, Partner, Gardner Russo & Gardner

Tom Russo provides insights into investing in global franchise businesses. Tom’s investment philosophy emphasizes return on invested capital, principally through equity investments. He looks for companies with strong cash flow characteristics, where large amounts of “free” cash flow are generated. Portfolio  companies tend to have strong balance sheets and a history of producing high rates of return on their assets.

75-minute exclusive video + transcript


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Francisco Garcia Parames, Chief Investment Officer of Bestinver

Francisco Garcia Parames discusses the approach that has made him the "Warren Buffett of Spain" and provides advice on how and where to invest in Europe. His career as an investment manager can be summarized quickly given the yield obtained by his Spanish equity funds: 17.9% per annum in the period January 1993 - June 2009, equivalent to an accumulated increase of 1,538%. His management style is based on the strict application of the principles of value management (Graham, Buffet, Peter Lynch, etc.), within a framework of a profound knowledge of the Austrian theory of economic cycles.

44-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Oldfield, Executive Partner, Oldfield Partners

Richard Oldfield talks about the investment philosophy and strategy that has made him one of England's most successful investment managers. He was previously CEO of Alta Advisers and head of the global team of Mercury Asset Management. Richard is chairman of the investment committee of Oxford University.

60-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Dominic Fisher, Director, Thistledown Investment Management

Wondering how to invest in undervalued assets with sound finances that pay a reasonable income? Join UK-based value investor Dominic Fisher as he provides several case studies of European companies that exhibit the above characteristics. An investment manager since 1989, Dominic has an eye for identifying cheap equities that also are a good source of dividend income. In this session, you will learn how to search for such opportunities globally while avoiding the value traps along the way.

57-minute exclusive video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Emmanuel Daugeras, Founding Partner, Amdamax

Join Paris-based investor Emmanuel Daugeras as he explains his distinct approach to investing, which combines quantitative screening with qualitative, fundamental analysis.  An avid fan of Joel Greenblatt's "Magic Formula," Emmanuel will let you in on the secrets of his approach and how he employs it to find the best risk-reward opportunities in Europe and in the U.S. In this session, you will learn about new ways to efficiently generate equity ideas, how to avoid the pitfalls of purely quantitative approaches, and apply common sense to improve your chances of finding the next great investment idea.

61-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: Dmitry Alimov, Managing Partner, Frontier Ventures

In this session, you can get a rare glimpse into the investment approach of one of Russia's leading Internet/media investors and entrepreneurs. A Harvard MBA, Dmitry reveals some of the common misconceptions foreign investors have about Russia, ways to profit from the exceptional opportunities presented by this emerging market, what risks to shun and which ones to embrace. While Dmitry's focus is on private investments, he also shares his on-the-ground perspective about some of the Russian public companies and the businessmen behind them.

65-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTORS: Philip Best and Marc Saint John Webb, Fund Managers, Argos Investment Managers

Philip Best and Marc Saint John Webb provide rare insights into the strategy that has made their firm one of the most successful investors in small- and micro-cap companies across Europe. What are the biggest mistakes investors make when searching for small stocks in Europe? Which some small- and micro-cap offer only limited upside potential, and which can compound capital and grow for a long time to come? How can investor best manage the risks in inherent in European small- and micro-cap investing? These just a few of the questions Philip and Marc address in this session.

42-minute exclusive video


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTOR: François Badelon, Fund Manager, Amiral Gestion

A genuine value investor, Francois shares his unconventional, yet highly successful investment approach, provides examples of his favorite hunting grounds, and highlights several opportunities he finds compelling in the recent market environment.  With the support of Didier Le Ménestrel, the manager of the famous Agressor fund, François launched the Sextant PEA fund in 2002, which he continues to manage with his partners at Amiral Gestion, based in Paris.

54-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video + transcript


Free Bonus: Exclusive Insights and Ideas

INSTRUCTORS: Lauren Templeton, President, and Scott Phillips, Portfolio Manager, Lauren Templeton Capital Management

Lauren Templeton and Scott Phillips discuss the investment philosophy that made Sir John Templeton one of the foremost global equity investors of all time. Lauren Templeton Capital Management seeks to employ Sir John's methodical and opportunistic methodology across the firm's globally diversified traditional and alternative strategies. Lauren and Scott explain how you can be more successful in global markets while avoiding typical investor mistakes.

23-minute exclusive, never-before-seen video + transcript


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Affiliate program

Meet one of your instructors, Amit Wadhwaney, Founding Manager of the Third Avenue International Value Fund:

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European Investing Summit 2012 is a collaboration of ValueConferences.com and The Manual of Ideas with the sole objective of bringing you the most compelling investment ideas in Europe. As this is a fully online conference, there is no need to travel or incur thousands of dollars in attendance fees.  Our flexible online schedule gives you access from the comfort of your own home or office to all event content on October 9-10, as well as for an additional two weeks.

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Event runs from October 9-10 (fully online)



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You’ll join 20+ of the world’s smartest and most successful investors, including…

Charles de Vaulx, Chief Investment Officer, International Value Advisers

Charles de Vaulx joined International Value Advisers, LLC (IVA) in May 2008 as a partner and portfolio manager, and serves as chief investment officer, partner, and portfolio manager. Until March 2007, Charles was portfolio manager of the First Eagle Global, Overseas, U.S. Value, Gold and Variable Funds, together with a number of separately managed institutional accounts. He was solely responsible for management of the Sofire Fund Ltd. when it won an Absolute Return Award for “Fund of the Year” in the global equity category in 2005 and 2006. In addition to sharing Morningstar’s “International Stock Manager of the Year” Award in 2001 with his co-manager, Charles was runner-up for the same award in 2006. From 2000 to 2004, Charles was co-portfolio manager of the First Eagle Funds. He was named associate portfolio manager in August 1996. In 1987, he joined the SoGen Funds, the predecessor to the First Eagle Funds, as a securities analyst. He began his career at Societe Generale Bank as a credit analyst in 1985. Charles graduated from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rouen in France and holds the French equivalent of a Master’s degree in finance.

Guy Spier, Managing Partner, Aquamarine Capital

Guy Spier is a Zurich-based investor. In June 2007 he made headlines by bidding US$650,100 with Mohnish Pabrai for a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. Since 1997 he has managed Aquamarine Fund, an investment partnership inspired by, and styled after the original 1950′s Buffett partnerships. Prior to starting Aquamarine Fund, Spier worked as an investment banker in New York, and as a management consultant in London and Paris. Mr. Spier completed his MBA at the Harvard Business School, class of 1993, and holds a First Class degree in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) from Oxford University. Upon graduating, he was co-awarded the George Webb Medley prize for the best performance in that year in Economics. While at Oxford he was a contemporary of David Cameron at Brasenose and attended economics tutorials with him. Spier is the CEO of the Spier family office. He also serves on the advisory board of Horasis, and is a co-host of TEDxZurich. Spier is a member of YPO, EO, Zurich Minds and the Latticework Club. Aquamarine has offices in New York, London and Zurich where Mr. Spier currently resides with his wife Lory and their three children, Eva, Isaac and Sarah.

Amit Wadhwaney, Portfolio Manager, Third Avenue Management

Amit Wadhwaney has managed foreign stock portfolios since 1996. He has been particularly interested in emerging economies where he has long believed that market inefficiencies favor bottom-up value investors. Mr. Wadhwaney is the founding manager of the Third Avenue International Value Fund, an open end mutual fund, as well as the Third Avenue Global Value Fund and the Third Avenue Emerging Markets Fund. Mr. Wadhwaney also manages the Third Avenue International Value Fund UCITS for overseas investors as well as institutional separate accounts. Earlier in his career, Mr. Wadhwaney was a securities analyst, and subsequently Director of Research, for M.J. Whitman, Third Avenue’s affiliated broker-dealer. Mr. Wadhwaney was also a paper and forest products analyst at Bunting Warburg, a Canadian brokerage firm. He began his career at Domtar, a Canadian forest products company. He holds an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago, a B.A. with honors and an M.A. in Economics from Concordia University in Montreal (where he also taught economics) and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. He speaks French, Spanish, Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati and English.

John Gilbert, Chief Investment Officer, General Re–NEAM

John Gilbert joined General Re–New England Asset Management (GR–NEAM) in 1987 as a Vice President. He is currently responsible for GR–NEAM's investment group and serves as the firm's Chief Investment Officer. He is a member of GR–NEAM's Policy Committee. Prior to joining GR–NEAM, Mr. GIlbert was an equity portfolio manager and research analyst at Cigna Investments, Inc. He is a CFA Charterholder and a Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Gilbert is a graduate of Brown University and holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. GR–NEAM is a global investment advisor that specializes in offering capital and investment management services primarily to the insurance industry. As of March 31, 2012 GR–NEAM's global total unaffiliated assets under management were $67.7 billion.

Prof. Dr. Max Otte, Founder, IFVE Institut für Vermögensentwicklung

Max Otte, Ph.D. is one of the most prominent academics in the field of value investing. Having received his doctorate degree from Princeton University, he became professor of corporate finance at Fachhochschule Worms in Germany in 2001. In 2011, Max became professor of quantitative and qualitative business leadership at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. He is also founder of an independent financial advisory firm and a center for value investing in Germany, as well as author of the German bestseller Der Crash kommt. The latter was published in 1996 and predicted the financial tsunami caused by the implosion of the U.S. subprime sector. More recently, Max has authored the books Stoppt das Euro-Desaster! and Endlich mit Aktien Geld verdienen.

Dominic Fisher, Director, Thistledown Investment Management

An investment manager since 1989, Dominic has worked for a significant number of charities as an investment manager, more recently he has acted as a charity trustee. He trained at Hambros Bank, joining Mercury Asset Management in 1992. As head of the team investing for charities he successfully resisted the dotcom mania and the pressure to invest in a ‘new era’. He joined Singer and Friedlander in 2001 but left in 2002 to run his own business for three years. He then worked at OLIM, a subsidiary of Close Brothers before establishing Thistledown in 2009. He is Chairman of the Officers’ Association, a charity that cares for ex-officers and head of the investment sub-committee of the Armed Forces Common Investment Fund. He is a director of Aberforth Geared Income Trust Plc. and a founder member of the Value Investors Special Interest Group of the Chartered Financial Analysts’ Institute (UK).

Jochen Wermuth, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner, Wermuth Asset Management

Jochen Wermuth is the Founder of the “Greater Europe” investment funds which have invested over $1 bn in Russia, and CIO and Managing Partner of Wermuth Asset Management GmbH (WAM), the Funds’ exclusive investment adviser and a member of The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC). From 1997 to 1998, Jochen was Director for Russian Debt Capital Markets Origination in Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets Division, London, seconded to Moscow as a member of the management committee responsible for setting up its fully licensed subsidiary. In this capacity he raised some $8 bn in financing for Russia. Between 1993 and 1997, he participated as an EU and World Bank finance adviser to the Russian Ministry of Finance in negotiations with the IMF and World Bank for $17 bn in budget financing. He also co-founded and headed the Ministry’s Economic Expert Group (www.eeg.ru). In this capacity he prepared economic policy plans, debt restructuring negotiations, the country’s first credit rating and its debut Eurobond issue. He is a member of German Association for Foreign Policy (DGAP), Eurosolar, Rotary Club Moscow International, Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) Greater Europe and Russian chapters and a supporter of Greenpeace. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics, awarded magna cum laude and with honors, from Brown University and passed his qualifying exams for a Doctorate in Economics at Oxford University’s Balliol College. Jochen’s native language is German and he is also fluent in English, Russian and French.

Frank Fischer, Chief Investment Officer, Shareholder Value Management

Frank Fischer is a member of the board of directors of Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG and of Shareholder Value Management AG in the function of Chief Investment Officer. Furthermore Frank Fischer is on the board of Pulsion AG. Until the end of 2005 he was managing director of Standard & Poor´s Fund Services (former Micropal GmbH) where he was responsible for investment fund data and ratings. In his business development role he ran the S&P Advisory business in the areas Hedge Fund Indices and US Equity in continental Europe since 2003. After an education as a banker at Hessische Landesbank he studied economics at the University of Frankfurt with a degree in economics. Mr. Fischer is married with two children.

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Bestinver

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos began his career in 1994 as an auditor for Arthur Andersen (Madrid), doing a full-time 6-month internship. He continued his career at Bankers Trust in Paris, where he eventually headed the Middle Office at the early age of 21. In 1997 he started as a stock market analyst at a Frankfurt fund management company (Value Management) founded by a former employee of the legendary Peter Lynch. During this period he studied and applied the value style of Ben Graham, Philip Fisher, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch… Subsequently, he returned to Spain, where he worked as a financial analyst at Spanish broker Beta Capital and later Banesto Bolsa. In March 2003, he joined Bestinver to work with Francisco García Paramés, with whom he had frequently exchanged investment ideas since 1998, given their common liking for the “value school of investing”. He took a double French/Spanish university entrance exam, gained an MA in European Business Studies, and a Law degree from the UNED (Spanish open university). He became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, AIMR) in 2001. Alvaro speaks Spanish, French, English and German. In 1999, he became a professor of fundamental analysis at the Spanish Insitute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) and at the IEB (Stock Exchange Study Institute).

Massimo Fuggetta, Portfolio Manager,  Bayes Fund

Massimo Fuggetta is a London-based value investor. He was a founding partner at Horatius, an asset management company in Milan. Previously he was CIO and CEO of Sanpaolo Asset Management in Milan, and a portfolio manager with JP Morgan Investment Management in London. He holds a D.Phil. in Economics from Oxford University. He has run courses in Behavioural Finance at Bocconi University. He is a member of the CFA Institute and has served on the Editorial Board of the Financial Analysts Journal, where he currently serves as a referee. He also writes a blog on Bayesian theory and investment applications (blog.massimofuggetta.com).

Daniel Gladiš, Director, Vltava Fund

Daniel Gladiš, CFA is CEO of VLTAVA Fund, a value-oriented research-driven investment fund based in Brno, the Czech Republic. VLTAVA Fund was launched in September 2004 and has amassed a market-beating track record. Previously, Daniel was Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABN AMRO Asset Management (Czech) from 1999–2004. He was also Director and founder of Atlantik finanční trhy, a.s., member of the Prague Stock Exchange. Daniel is author of Naučte se investovat (Learn to Invest).

Asif Jeevanjee, Exec. Director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Asif Jeevanjee is executive director and senior analyst in the international equity research department at J.P. Morgan Asset Management where he has worked for 14 years specialising in the transportation, service and leisure sectors across Europe. His value investing approach has delivered compound annual returns of 21% over 10 years in a long only European portfolio focused on these sectors. Additionally, he is three-time winner of the prestigious Extel award for leading European buyside individual.

Thorsten Polleit, Chief Economist, Degussa Goldhandel

Thorsten Polleit is Chief Economist of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH and a member of the firm’s advisory board (www.degussa-goldhandel.de). In the period October 2000 to April 2012, Thorsten worked as Chief German Economist for Barclays Capital, focusing on European economic and political developments. Before that, he worked as Chief German Economist for ABN AMRO in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Thorsten holds a diploma in economics and was awarded a doctorate in 1996. In 2000, he founded ECB Observer, an independent ECB watcher group (www.ecb-observer.com). In 2003 Thorsten was appointed Honorary Professor for economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (www.frankfurt-school.de). He also lectures at the universities of Bayreuth and Duisburg-Essen. Thorsten is a member of the Friedrich August von Hayek Society, an Adjunct Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, US Alabama, and a founding member of the research network on The Role of Money in the Economy (ROME). Thorsten acts as an advisor for monetary and financial issues for a member of the German Lower House of Parliament (Bundestag). He writes frequently for major German newspapers such as, for instance, F.A.Z., Börsen-Zeitung, Die Welt. His latest books are Monetary Economics in Global Financial Markets (June 2009, co-authored with Professor Dr. Ansgar Belke, University of Duisburg-Essen) and Geldreform (June 2010, co-authored with Dr. Michael von Prollius). Thorsten’s research interests are monetary economics, capital market theory and, in particular, the Austrian School of Economics. His publication list can be found on: www.hfb.de.

Florian Schuhbauer, Partner, Triton Partners

Florian Schuhbauer joined Triton Partners in 2010 following a career in top investment management and business operational positions at AVI/General Capital Group (Partner/Portfolio Manager), Deutsche Post World Net & DHL Global Mail (CFO & Executive VP), Newtron AG (Director Corporate Finance & Investor Relations) and Dresdner Bank / Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. Founded in 1997, Triton is an investment firm dedicated to investing in medium-size businesses headquartered in Northern Europe. Within this Northern European region, Triton focuses on businesses in three core sectors: Business Services, Industrials and Consumer / Health. Triton’s philosophy and vision is to pro-actively contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term.

Soo Chuen Tan, Managing Member, Discerene Value Advisors

Soo Chuen Tan is Managing Member of Discerene Value Advisors LLC, a private investment firm which invests globally pursuing a concentrated, long-term, deep value investment philosophy for a small handful of endowments, foundations and family offices. Before founding Discerene, Mr. Tan was a partner and managing director at Deccan Value Advisors, and prior to that was at the Baupost Group, Halcyon Asset Management, and McKinsey & Company. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Baker Scholar, and a BA (double first class honors) in Jurisprudence from Oxford University, where he won the Oxford University/ Martin Wronker Prize.

Christian Diebitsch, Managing Director, Seilern Investment Management

Christian Diebitsch has been a Portfolio Manager since 2004 and joined Seilern Investment Management in October 2008 where he manages the Stryx Europa Fund, which is a highly focused long-only quality-growth fund. Prior to his current position, Mr. Diebitsch was employed by W.P. Stewart & Co. in London, where he was in charge of a similar fund. Before becoming a Portfolio Manager, Mr. Diebitsch was a top-rated sell-side analyst since 1990 where his main focus was always on Europe. Mr. Diebitsch has concentrated on a number of areas/sectors, ranging from the Nordic region to pan European capital goods and pan European support services as well as financial exchanges during his tenure at different merchant banks, such as James Capel & Co., Kleinwort Benson Securities and BNP-Paribas. Mr. Diebitsch is born in Sweden and holds a Masters of Science degree in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Peter Wüthrich, Wüthrich, Henz & Co.

Peter Wüthrich holds a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He gained his first banking experience at Barclays Bank in New York City in 1987. After working for two private banks (Cantrade and Julius Baer), Peter joined VZ VermoegensZentrum as a Senior Invest­ment Specialist. Together with Markus Henz, Peter and two financial journalists co-authored the book Sparen mit Fonds, which sold in excess of 20,000 copies. In 2000 Peter joined Rothschild Bank in Zurich and between 2003 and 2008 held the position of Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Research. Peter is a CFA and FRM charterholder.

Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini, CEO, Cattolica Partecipazioni

Since 2003, Ciccio Azzollini has been CEO of Cattolica Partecipazioni S.p.A, an investment vehicle based in Italy. Ciccio is also the co-founder of the Value Investing Seminar in Italy and founder of the More Love Charity Association. He has completed executive program courses in Value Investing at Columbia University in New York City and in addition has achieved a diploma in Portfolio Management at New York University SCPC. He worked from 2000 through 2003 as a Fund Manager at Abax Bank in Milan.

Jeroen Bos, Investment Director, Church House Investments

Jeroen Bos worked in the City of London for more than 25 years, including previously at Seilern Investment Management Ltd. He was a director of Panmure Gordon & Co. Ltd from 1989 to 1999. He holds a diploma in Economics from Sussex University and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. Jeroen is the investment manager of the CH Deep Value Fund.

Raphaël Moreau, Fund Manager, Amiral Gestion

Raphaël Moreau made his first investment in the stock market in 1998, when the French State listed a portion of its shares in France Telecom. Progressively, being won over by a passion for investing and reading the writings of Warren Buffett, he joined Amiral Gestion in 2008 following the completion of his Master at ESSEC Business School and experiences in sell-side research at UBS and fixed income analysis at CACIB. Founded by François Badelon, Amiral is an independent asset management firm based in Paris. Amiral’s single goal is sustained performance with minimum risk based on the firm’s value investing approach.

Sergey Ezimov, Portfolio Advisor, Go East For Value Fund, Wermuth Asset Management

Sergey Ezimov is the Portfolio Advisor of the Go East For Value Fund. He joined the firm in 2006 as an Analyst and has acquired value-investing expertise in Utilities, Machinery, Processing and Information Technology. His focus remains on second-tier companies in Russia and the CIS. Prior to Wermuth Asset Management, Sergey held the position of Analyst at High Technology Investment Fund which invested in the US equity markets. Mr. Ezimov holds a Diploma in Economics from the Moscow State Institute of International Affairs (MGIMO).

Don Fitzgerald, Fund Manager, Tocqueville Finance

Don Fitzgerald has worked as an investment and finance professional in Europe for the past fifteen years and spent the last eight years identifying, analyzing and managing portfolios of undervalued securities in the European equity and distressed debt markets. Prior to that he spent seven years in corporate and investment banking. He has worked in Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Paris. He completed the CFA program in 2006 and graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a first class honours degree in Business Studies and German in 1996. Don co-manages the Tocqueville Value Europe fund. The fund’s multi-capitalization investment strategy is contrarian and value-oriented and stock selection is bottom-up, based upon intensive proprietary research and a disciplined investment process. Don is rated A by Citywire for risk-adjusted returns and the fund ranks among the top-performing European equity mutual funds over the past decade with five out of five ratings from Lipper in all categories and a five-star Morningstar rating. Tocqueville Finance is a Paris-based value house with €1.8 billion in assets under management. The company has followed a value investing philosophy since its foundation in 1991.

Max Hu, Co-Founder, Swixina Investment

Max Hu is the co-founder of Swixina Investment LLC, an investment vehicle in global public equities founded in 2011. Max’s investment approach is contrarian, value-driven and focused. His investments have been focused on easy to understand, wide-moat businesses with solid long-term growth prospects. He has worked at Deutsche Asset Management and is a CFA Charterholder. He graduated from Tsinghua University in China, with a degree in physics and mathematics. He has done PhD research in Financial Economics from ETH Zurich and holds a Masters’ degree from University Heidelberg.

Christian Kahler, Chief Equity Strategist, DZ BANK

Christian Kahler, CEFA, has been responsible for the equity market strategy at DZ BANK AG since 2001, first as an equity strategist and later as chief equity strategist. Furthermore, he has been leading the Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy team since 2012. Prior to that Christian worked as a trainee and equity analyst for American technology stocks in the DZ BANK Research Department (1999 to 2001). Before joining the former DG BANK he worked at one of the largest European industrial groups (ThyssenKrupp 1995 – 1999). At the same time he studied business management in Essen (Germany) and in Utrecht (Netherlands) with the focus on international management, foreign trade and banking management. Alongside his day job, he has been practising the rules of active value investing in his private life for years and is strongly influenced by the investment styles and philosophy of Buffett, Graham and Seth Klarman. In 2012 he started "VALUE IDEAS" Research within DZ BANK which is very well received by European clients and which is probably unique worldwide in this form on the broker-sell-side. Christian’s target is to take Value Investing out of its niche, especially in Germany, and to offer profitable strategies and ideas to entrepreneurial and analytical-minded customers that have the patience to follow a clearly-defined fundamental investment strategy beyond the established mainstream. Christian Kahler is married and has one son.

Jerome Flum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CreditRiskMonitor

Jerome Flum was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 1985. From 1968 to 1985, Mr. Flum was in the investment business as an institutional security analyst, research and sales partner at an investment firm and then as a general partner of a private investment pool. Before entering the investment business Mr. Flum practiced law, helped manage a U.S. congressional campaign and served as a legal and legislative aide to a U.S. congressman. Mr. Flum has been a guest lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management Lab for Financial Engineering. Mr. Flum received a BS degree in business administration from Babson College and a JD degree from Georgetown University Law School and served as a L/cpl in USMCR.

Georg Krijgh, Owner, G.H. Krijgh Guardian Fund

Georg Krijgh completed his undergraduate studies with a major in physics at the University of Utrecht and his Master’s degree in economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. After working for four years as an equity analyst at Rabobank covering banks and insurance companies, Georg founded the G.H. Krijgh Guardian Fund in 2010. The fund invests in the equity of US and European businesses based on the value investing principles.

Robert Leitz, Founder and Portfolio Manager, iolite Partners

Robert Leitz graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, with a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics. He wrote his master’s thesis at Columbia University under the guidance of Prof. Eli Noam. Robert has previously worked as a management consultant at KPMG Corporate Restructuring and as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs’ European Special Situations Group, a proprietary trading desk with extensive experience in new issue senior bank debt, mezzanine loans and high-yield bonds as well as secondary investing in turnarounds, restructurings, distressed debt, disfavored equities and capital structure arbitrage. He later joined TPG Credit, a credit opportunities hedge fund launched in partnership with private equity firm TPG (Texas Pacific Group), as a founding member. In 2011, Robert founded iolite with the aim to generate sustainable market-beating absolute returns.

Bill Mitchell, Managing Partner, Mitchell Partners

Bill Mitchell is a managing partner of Mitchell Partners, and the author of Spinoff & Reorg Profiles (spinoffprofiles.com), a value-oriented special situations research letter published monthly since 2005.  He holds degrees in engineering and physics from Caltech and Reed College, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

David Poulet, Fund Manager, Amiral Gestion

With a background in law, at the age of 18, David Poulet invested his first paycheck in managed funds. He then became passionate about asset management, investment and commerce and eventually joined Amiral as an intern in 2004.  Founded by François Badelon, Amiral is an independent asset management firm based in Paris.  Amiral’s single goal is sustained performance with minimum risk based on the firm’s value investing approach.



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